PV: Mrs. Pj – one of the greatest teachers


Salvador Ramos, Staff Reporter

You might be wondering “why do we even need to appreciate teachers”. Well teachers help us learn from our mistakes and make good choices, but Mrs.Pj (Preyor-Johnson) teaches us how to prevent those mistakes and how to write a really good article.

Let me put it for you in the simplest way possible I dislike school a lot. I normally don’t care for assignments. Instead of giving us boring assignments and annoying work like most teachers she gives us smart well thought assignments to do. Mrs. Pj is the teacher I appreciate because she cares about all her students and she always tries to find new creative and efficient ways to teach us.

At the beginning of the year I didn’t know what to expect until I started having fun writing articles and doing interviews. She lets us pick partners and gives us time to work. She is really nice and ingenuous about our work.

Like I said before I dislike school but because of her she has made a lot more bearable. She makes it feel like we are at work instead of boring school which is really cool. Because she makes us interact with other students, I have made a ton of new friends. That’s why i’m thankful for Mrs. Pj.