PV: My favorite teacher Coach Dierschke

Kimora Iron Shield, Staff Reporter

Coach Dierschke is one of the most amazing teachers and coaches I have ever had because she helps me through just about everything. Coach Dierschke may have a mean tone but she really cares and believes in you.

Coach Dierschke is my favorite teacher because when anyone has a bad day she’ll have talk with us and encourage us to do better. I think it helps a lot because it keeps me and many others in check. Coach Dierschke will really push you to do your absolute best.

During volleyball season I was playing back row and she helped me a lot, I was stressing over it so much but she told me I could do it and I just needed to breathe. She’s been a big part of my life here at Dobie. She’s showed me I could do anything if I put my mind to it. Coach Dierschke may have a mean face but once you get her laughing she can be one of the most hilarious people you’ve ever met. Coach will never sugar coat things she tells the truth but it’s only to help you get better. When we’re in athletics she’ll tell us whether we’re doing a good job or she’ll try and fix it so we’re not confused anymore.

Thank you Coach Dierschke for everything you’ve done for me, I really appreciate it.