P.V: Why I love Mrs. Hecox


Kennedy Freeman

Mrs. Hecox: the best

Ava Bowling, writer

Mrs. Hecox is one of Dobie’s math/algebra teacher. Even though she teaches math (ugh) she is one of the most funny, kind, and overall one of the best people you will meet also she cares. She wants us to do our best and she gives us tips on how to make math easier. Every day she makes us smile and every day she teaches us something new. At the beginning of the year I didn’t know what to think of her I was kinda scared, because she wants us to get our work done she calls our parents if we have missing assignments, and that STILL freaks me out. She does care abut us, she helps us when we have courage to ask, if we have a question she helps us understand.


Mrs. Hecox you are the best teacher I have ever had (no offence to anyone else I’ve had) you are amazing, awesome, funny, beautiful, and you are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Thank you.