PV:Mrs. Garcia My favorite teacher

Celia Serrato , Staff writer

By: Celia Serrato

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Garcia out of all the teachers here. Don’t get me wrong I love all my teachers, but Mrs. Garcia is a big help. She really cares about people. Also she is always there to help out. Especially when you are struggling with math.

Mrs. Garcia is a really fun teacher and she teaches really well too. She makes learning math fun and easy. Also she is fun to talk to when you are feeling down. Mrs. Garcia never gives up on us. She pushes through every struggle to help us. Even after all the work she does she is still in the mood to have a fun conversation. My favorite memory in Mrs. Garcia’s class was when she finally necked herself! It was so funny, she is the best algebra teacher I ever had.

Thank you Mrs. Garcia for always being there.