PV:Mrs. Harper, My favorite Teacher


Veronica Rojas , Staff Reporter

By: Veronica Rojas

Mrs. Harper is my favorite teacher because she is really caring and sweet. She has helped me through a lot of my problems and when I need help or when someone needs help she helps them. I think she is the best art teacher in the world. She has taught me a lot of things in art like shading, blending, Painting, Sewing, Sculpturing, Portraits, and Respect.

I would not want another art teacher but her. I wouldn’t be this happy and I wouldn’t be a better artist without her. One day I hope to be as nice and as funny as her. I love my art class. 7th period lights up my day when I walk in the door to art. I am so happy I joined her class and didn’t change my schedule.

She makes art class fun. She makes it so that way I can understand the directions and not mess up on anything. Mrs. Harper is very helpful to all her students. I appreciate Mrs. Harper because she helps me through a lot of problems that I need help with. If I don’t understand something she helps me and explains it in a different way.