PV: Mrs. Garcia- My favorite teacher


Jaida Osborne, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Garcia teaches 8th grade math advanced and regular for team 8-3. I picked her as my favorite because she is awesome for many reasons. Whenever I don’t understand something Mrs. Garcia doesn’t hesitate to slow down a bit and go over the subject. Usually when Mrs. Garcia isn’t busy she’ll talk to you about some of her personal life like her favorite shows or what she likes to do in her free time.

From what I’ve seen I feel like Mrs. Garcia goes big or doesn’t go at all. For the teacher appreciation theme competition, Mrs. Garcia came up with the theme Fortnite for team 8-3. She didn’t just dress up as a Fortnite skin like the other teachers on 8-3, she also taped a slip of paper on her door saying “Salty Springs,” and ran around the cafeteria to hype up the team.

I am thankful for Mrs. Garcia because she not only has made my school year fun and exciting, but she made me enjoy math and for the longest time I hated math.

Thank you Mrs. Garcia for being the best math teacher I’ve had for a while.