PV: Mrs. Hecox- The Teacher I Appreciate


Kaitlynn Dority , Staff reporter

Mrs. Hecox is an 8th grade math and algebra teacher. She’s a very enthusiastic person, and inspires her students to do their best. Not only that but she’s one of the teachers that try to make their subject enjoyable.

Math might be one of the most hated subjects in school, but if you sat in one of her classes she’d make math your favorite subject. Mrs. Hecox wants to make sure her students do the best they can, so she makes sure to get things stuck in your head. With little rhymes and easy to remember sayings, she’ll make sure you’ll remember for a long time.

I appreciate Mrs. Hecox because she makes me feel so welcomed, and she makes me want to learn more. This school year might’ve been the first school year were I wanted to learn more in math.

Thank you Mrs. Hecox for making math more enjoyable and having me in in your class.