PV: Ms. Mendoza-my favorite teacher


Kayden Zaragoza-Kelly, Staff reporter

Ms. Mendoza is my favorite teacher because she helps me a lot with my work. She explains it well to me when I don’t fully understand it. When I first entered her class I never thought I would end up being her favorite student.  She is the most caring,and loving person ever I can tell her anything and she will be there to  cheer me up. I’m going to miss her next year.

She has taught me how to improve and to keep trying. Learning another language isn’t the easiest thing in the world but she has taught me well. Ms. Mendoza has a way of teaching me how to learn the right way of how to speak the language. I couldn’t have asked for a better Spanish teacher to teach me the right way.

Her favorite superhero is Wonder Women. For Christmas of 2017 I got her mugs with Wonder Women on them. She absolutely loved them. The look on her face made me so happy. She smiled so big and was so incredibly happy. I love seeing a smile on her face. I appreciate everything she helps me with and does for me.

When I walk into her class I feel happy and excited to get to be able to be in her class. I have a lot of my close friends in  that class with me. Some days it can be serious quite days or most if the time loud, fun, and noisy. It depends on what mood she is in.

Thank you for everything Ms. Mendoza I appreciate everything you do for me you the best teacher ever!