PV: Ms. Jordiin, one of my favorite teachers

PV: Ms. Jordiin, one of my favorite teachers

Jade Long, Staff Reporter

By: Jade Long

Ms. Jordiin is one of my favorite teachers. She constantly makes her students laugh, but also knows when to reel it in and get to work. She actually interacts with her students and takes the time to get to know them, and become friends with them.

She doesn’t ignore her students or act above them. She treats students with kindness and care. If she notices something wrong or someone hurting she reaches out to them and tries to help. Many teachers constantly remind you that they’re there to educate, and not make friends, however Ms. Jordiin is not like that.

Not only is she a great teacher, she is also a great friend. I can honestly say I learned a lot in her class. She makes it so that you want to learn. Ms. Jordiin uses fun activities to teach. I remember when she tied two long strings across the classroom to act as railroad tracks, and made a little paper train. Students were chosen to collect and regulate the railroad. The rest of the students were common people, farmers and towns people. Those chosen first collected our produce and product, giving little money in return. The activity showed us how difficult and unfair it was at the time.

I was able to tie the curriculum from last year and this year together and it made my life easier. I have Ms. Jordiin to thank. She teaches us about history and about life, trying her best to prepare us for life after grade school. Ms. Jordiin will be a teacher I will remember when I’m older, looking back on middle school.

Ms. Jordiin, thank you for everything you taught me. Thank you for showing kindness and caring for your students. I truly think I will know your name and the one who wields it for a long time. You made class fun, and added some brightness to a rather gloomy school day. I looked forward to your class everyday, and even now I look forward to seeing you around the school. You will always be one of my favorites.