PV: My Favorite Teacher, Mrs. Reed


Jayden Hicks , Staff Reporter

By: Jayden Hicks

Mrs. Reed is my favorite teacher because she is so caring and is always helpful. When I have problems she is always willing to listen; I can tell her anything. Most of the time I think she has bad mornings from previous classes so I give her a hug when I see her in 4th.

I used to not like science and she changed that for me. In all my pass years of science I hated it and she made it different this year. I hate doing boring independent work but she tells us we can work in a group so it makes science fun working with others.

She has made my 8th grade year special and I’m very thankful for that. She can get annoyed with my class but I make not feel annoyed. When I’m annoyed or don’t look happy she always makes me feel better.

Thank you, Mrs. Reed, for everything you do for me.