P.V: Mrs.Hecox is my favorite teacher

Jayden Lark, Staff reporter

Mrs. Hecox is the math teacher here at Dobie Jr. High school in team 8-1. She is the best teacher I  have ever had. She has helped me in so many ways. She is so funny and her class is so fun.

I used to hate math but now I love it because she makes it come easy to me. She actually cares about you and never gives up until you fully understand  no matter how long it takes. I am very thankful to have her as a teacher.

I am always so excited when its time for me to go to her class. She makes my days so much better. And when she teaches she always make it entertaining and easy to understand. Now math comes a little bit more easier to me. This campus is very lucky to have her as a teacher. Whenever I am having a bad days she always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so much better.

Thank you, Mrs. Hecox, for everything.