PV: Mrs. Glasz – My favorite teacher

PV: Mrs. Glasz - My favorite teacher

Claire Burton, Staff reporter

Mrs. Glasz is my favorite teacher because she helps me understand social studies and her teaching method actually works well for me.

Mrs. Glasz is one of the nicest teachers I have ever had because she lets our class have fun, like doing Kahoot, but still learning. She also allows us to work in partners and she puts on music for us.

One of my favorite things about Mrs. Glasz’s class is the way she has us take notes. What she does is she has us make a section in our notes on what unit we’re on then she has a perfect order of all the notes we take and what page they go on. I wish other teachers would use the method Mrs. Glasz uses; it would make taking notes so much easier .

I have Mrs. Glazs for second period and I love starting my day off in her class because I always leave with a smile. Mrs. Glasz is a very good teacher –anyone would be lucky to be in her class.