PV: Mrs. Cerulli my favorite teacher


shayla dunsirn , staff

By: Shayla Dunsirn

Mrs. Cerulli you are by far my most favorite teacher at Dobie. Your class is fun and energetic, I love you so much. Coming to your class is my favorite part of the day. Your super sweet and very chill your class is ran real smooth. You have made this a year to remember, I will never forget all the fun I had in your class. I certainly know next years 8th graders are going to love you.

Mrs.C is and always will be my favorite teacher. She is very outgoing and funny. Never in a bad mood and even when she is she still finds a way to remain positive. No matter the day or the students she always has a smile on her face. I love having Mrs. Cerulli as my language arts teacher and I wouldn’t rather have any other teacher.

The most positive and fun teacher by far. This year has been extremely fun and exciting. She has made my 8th grade year one to remember. Being in her class has been the highlight of my year.