PV: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Bagley


Terrell Shelton, Staff Reporter

By: Terrell Shelton

If I’m going to be honest, I hate school. I hate school with a passion, but you know one teacher that makes everything fun, Mrs. Bagley. I’m not only saying she my favorite teacher because she teaches math.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE math, but in Mrs. Bagley’s class she’d make up silly rhymes that’d go to what we’re learning about. For instance, If the X reflects across the Y, the X stays the same. She taught us that when we were learning about reflections.

Mrs. Bagley overall is just an amazing teacher. I love Mrs.Bagley not only because she’s sweet and nice, but because a lot of her work is challenging and I love a good challenge. When she teaches she makes things simple, but not too simple. She still wants to challenge us a little bit.

I really appreciate Mrs. Bagley. In her classroom it feels like I am in a safe environment. She has control over all the students in the classroom which makes me feel safe because I feel like if she were not in control over the students I bet they’d be going bananas. The best part is that she doesn’t need to raise her voice when talking to her students.

Overall I really do appreciate Mrs. Bagley. She sweet and nice and makes teaching fun. Without her I probably wouldn’t even be as smart as i am in math, and I definitely wouldn’t like math. I love Mrs. Bagley as a math teacher, and when I leave to go to high school I’m definitely going to miss her.