PV: Mrs. Muha is my favorite teacher


Yvea Minor-Smith, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Muha is my favorite teacher because. . . she is a teacher. A social studies teacher. A good social studies teacher and the best one I’ve ever had in my life. I mean that when I type “ the best one I’ve ever had in my life.”

Last year if someone asked me if I liked social studies I would have said “no” because of the teacher. The teacher never taught us anything and if he did we would always get side tracked just in first 5 minutes of class and we would never get anything done.

The real problem with that teacher was that he always showed favoritism with the football players and the popular kids in that class. Don’t get me wrong, that class was funny and laid back, but we were never ever productive.

The difference with Mrs. Muha is that she doesn’t show any favoritism in our class even if she may possibly have favorites, and she is fair, and she actually teaches. She doesn’t just gives us a textbook and say do this roadmap by yourself and that’s our lesson for the day.

She cares that we retain this knowledge that she has so excellently taught us no matter how bad the interruptions are. This year you gave my notebook a purpose unlike last year where we didn’t even need a notebook to take notes, because we never took notes.

Last year I failed almost every test , but this year I’m Acing these test. I highly appreciate everything she has done for me this year as a student. I’ve always thought that social studies was hard, but now It just comes to me with ease. I know that this month has been stressful, because of STAAR preparation.

* Mrs. Muha: please do not stop teaching. Mrs. Muha you have changed how I viewed social studies and my organization for the better.  I will never forget the teacher who actually got me excited to learn something new about history, but maybe not the taking notes part. I’ll never forget your rants during a lesson or the that one time you were playing Dubstep music when we were doing stations and I turned around to see you bopping your head to the beat or some of the weird yet funny voices you have done. I hope every kid you will or have ever taught remembers you, because I will. And thank you for remembering how to say my name all year long. My teacher last year never gave an effort to even say my first name right. He would always just say Minor-Smith. I hope next year you have better kids than us.