PV: Why I Appreciate Mrs Hecox


Anayah Butler, Staff Reporter

By: Anayah Butler

Now I personally don’t like math. I’ve never liked math and never will. This year has changed, I actually like math now and even though sometimes I get very frustrated I still get through it somehow but its all because of my favorite teacher Mrs Hecox.

The reason why I appreciate Mrs Hecox is because she’s very helpful. Since I can’t see as well I need large print papers and everyday Mrs Hecox asks me “Is this large enough” or if she forgets to make a large print copy she explains and she says sorry and I truly appreciate that.

When you walk into Mrs Hecox’s classroom you just feel welcome and happy because of her beautiful posters and awesome personality. Mrs Hecox shares her life story with her classes and just talks about random stuff and we all laugh, hangout, learn math and have a great time.

The difference Mrs Hecox has made in my life is outstanding. Mrs Hecox has made math so much easier with her fun rhymes that annoy the heck out of everyone but they help so much. Mrs Hecox explains everything, takes it step by step and even after the lesson I go up to her to ask her for help so many times and she still helps me no matter what.

I love all my teachers the same but Mrs Hecox just has the energy, happiness, and helpful attitude that I enjoy. This is why Mrs Hecox is my favorite teacher.