PV: Mrs. Kretsinger, my favorite teacher


Kristen Howard, Staff Reporter

By Kristen Howard

One of my all time favorite teachers is Mrs. Kretsinger. She is a very caring, kind, funny, and all around a beautiful person. I never liked the subject English because I always thought it was boring, but Mrs.Kretsinger made me not hate being in English class.

I appreciate Mrs. Kretsinger because she always helps me whenever I need help with something. She’ll help me understand things when I’m confused, and she will make sure that I understand her and whatever it was that I needed help with before I leave.

Mrs. Kretsinger is a very caring person. She always makes sure that you’re okay and having a good day, and she’ll listen to you if you want to rant. She’ll try to help you by giving you suggestions for what you should do, or she’ll try to make light of the situation by looking at the positive side. It’s nice to know that if I have a problem, I can always go to Mrs. Kretsinger.

Along with being caring and helpful, Mrs. Kretsinger is also really cool. She interacts with her students and lets them do lots of things without letting them take advantage of her.

Mrs. Kretsinger is my favorite teacher, and I appreciate her a lot. I could not thank her enough for everything that she has done for me. She has helped me with things I didn’t understand, and she never forced me to do anything I really didn’t want to do. I wish that I could have Mrs. Kretsinger as my teacher next year.