PV: Coach Dierschke, my favorite teacher


Karys Marcum, Staff Reporter

By: Karys Marcum

Coach D. is one of the best coaches I have ever had because she believes in me and will always push me to do my best no matter what I think.

Coach D. might have an angry tone mist of the time but she is one of the sweetest I have meet because she cares about you and will tell you the truth no matter what and will tell you how to fix your problems. Having Coach D. helps a lot because if we are not acting right she will stop whatever we are doing and give us a talk to try and encourage us to always work as hard and we can .

The other day we were playing volleyball in athletics ad she wanted me to set but I’m not a setter so I did not want to go, but she told me that I was going to fine and to just breathe.  Normally Coach D. has a very serious face on but can make you laugh like she is a world famous comedian no matter what mood you are in.

When she is walking around the gym most of the time she will tell you that you are doing a good job or she will correct you until you are doing it right and understand it to where you will not be confused anymore.