PV: Mrs. Bagley, a teacher I appreciate


Lilly Avila, Staff Reporter

By: Lilly Avila

My favorite teacher I’ve had this year is Mrs. Bagley. She is also one of my favorite math teachers of all time. I guess part of it is because I really enjoy math, but she really is a great teacher.

Mrs. Bagley is a very funny person. She makes jokes all the time and makes Algebra class a lot more fun than it would be without her.

Mrs. Bagley has really helped me throughout the year even though she may not know it. With the help of Mrs. Bagley, I’ve maintained an A average this whole school year, got a 100 on my midterm, passed all my assignments and tests, and got commended on my benchmark. I knew I was pretty good at math, but I never realized I could be that good in a high school level math class.

In my opinion, whatever the teacher is like, that really factors into what you think about the overall subject that they’re teaching. Mrs. Bagley has made math a lot more enjoyable for me.

I know other people might not think the same, but I think she’s awesome. I really appreciate what she’s done for my education. I’m sure she’s had to deal with a lot of ungrateful kids in her time so I just wanted to let her know I am truly grateful for what she’s done for me.