PV: Ms. Johnson is my favorite teacher


Gelyan Santiago, Staff Reporter

By: Gelyan Santiago

Ms. Johnson is a kind and joyful woman that is always ready to help you with everything you need. I’ve never actually thought being a teacher was fun, I’ve always thought that it would’ve been really boring and tiring. Ms. Johnson makes math really fun and interesting. There are a lot of reasons why Ms. Johnson is my favorite teacher but I wanna talk about my most favorite ones.

Ms. Johnson is a very encouraging person that will help you with anything you have problems with, even with personal problems. Plenty of 7th graders like to talk to her about our problems and she always gives you the best advice or an opinion that actually helps a lot. I also like how you can count on her with anything and everything.

I have talked to Ms. Johnson about some of my problems and she’s told me what to do. I really enjoy how she is really understanding.

Everyday after 8th period we all just stand by her desk and talk to her about anything. She always asks “how was your day?” to all of us and we all share everything that happens. Trust me she would listen to you and pay attention to every single detail. We just made a new “tradition,” on Fridays we listen to music after school from her computer. We dance and sing and it makes us really happy! 

Ms. Johnson: Thank you for everything you do and for being really sweet with all of your students. Don’t change!