PV: Mrs.Harper is my favorite teacher


Kristina Eisermann, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Harper she may not be everyone favorite teacher but she’s mine. Mrs.Harper is the best art teacher in my opinion. She is always nice to me even when shes not in the best mood because of my other classmates. Mrs.Harper is amazing in every way.

I think she is great because she actually cares about what she teaches us she will go over and over her lessons if we don’t understand them and most teachers don’t. She is so helpful and I don’t just think of her a my teacher I think of her as a friend. She is great to talk to during class or in the hallways when you see her.

Mrs. Harper is really funny, smart, and I really enjoy her class its really fun and her lessons are great and they t each us how to be artistic in our own ways. My favorite project that was really fun in her class was our clay project even though I didn’t get to finish it because I got sent to DAEP for awhile. She was still really nice to me while was there and she saved my project for me to finish even tho i still haven’t finished it yet.