PV: My Favorite Teacher, Coach Niblett


Ti'Miah Jackson-Allen, Staff Reporter

By: Ti’Miah Jackson-Allen

Coach Niblett is an amazing and inspiring teacher who has taken me under her wing as one of her own. I’m grateful that me and her have a close relationship I consider her as a mother figure and I’m blessed that she’s been helping me throughout my journey in basketball and in school. She makes athletic enjoyable for me it’s honestly the highlight of my day.

She’s been an amazing mentor and someone for me to look up to. We have a relationship many wouldn’t be able to understand. Coach is someone I can go talk about any problem in the world and she’ll have a positive solution to it. When I feel like no one is there for me or even has some type of hope in me she’s the uplifting hand that encourages me to going no matter how hard it get.

If I make it to the WNBA I hope she should come and help me on my journey because she would honestly be a huge help in staying strong and focused. She has a lot to do with why I am still continuing to play basketball; I want to make her happy and get that scholarship to a D1 school and for her to come and watch my games and I feel like me doing that  is repaying her for everything she has done for me.

If I didn’t meet Coach Niblett I’m honestly not to sure how I would being in basketball or really just dealing with problems. She continually makes sure that I stay out of trouble and that I keep up with my grades.

Thank you, coach, for everything you have done for me. I’m glad God blessed me to be able to meet you.