PV: Mrs. P.J, My favorite teacher


Kayla Looney, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Preyor-Johnson or Mrs. P.J  is the journalism teacher at Dobie Jr. High and also my favorite teacher. Mrs. P.J is a kind teacher who cares about her students. I love all my teachers and they care about their students but there is more to Mrs. P.J than that.

Mrs. P.J understands her students and the stress they have and that sometimes they need a break. I suffer from stress and the breaks she gives us can help. Her classroom is a calm environment that you can relax in and not worry about stress.

My school day can be pretty stressful sometimes. Mrs. P.J’s room calms me down at the end of the school day. Mrs. P.J always has the lights off so the headache I usually get goes away.

Mrs. P.J knows that her students need a break and she makes sure we get one. Sometimes she will throw a party or just let us have a free day to work on assignments or to just relax. I appreciate these days so I can have extra time in the day so I can do what I need to do.

Mrs. P.J has made an impact on my life by teaching me things that I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t in her class. She doesn’t know it, but Mrs.P.J has taught me how to lower the amount of stress I have.

Mrs. P.J has also helped me improve my writing. I have learned a few things to keep in mind while I am writing. Without her, I wouldn’t have won a medal in writing UIL. Her tips also help me on tests when I need to write something.  

Being in journalism, Mrs. P.J has taught me how to write a proper headline so it makes sense. Also, she has taught me what to put in an article and what not to put in a personal view. She has helped me understand how to write to make my writing better and make sense. 

Mrs. P.J is also helping me come out of my shell a little. I am quiet in class and I don’t like talking to people. When Mrs. P.J makes us interview other people in class, I think it is making me more comfortable talking to other people.

Also, when we come in the room, she has us fist bump her and greet her by saying something.  That is also helping me talk to people. I may not like talking to other people, but I know I will need to in the future. I have to learn to talk to people now and Mrs. P.J helps me with that.

I am really glad that she is my teacher. I don’t show it enough, but I appreciate and love Mrs. P.J and everything she has done for me. I am grateful to have been in her class this year and I am looking forward to being in her yearbook class next year.