PV: Mrs.Chitta is my favorite teacher


Jonathan A., Staff reporter

By: Jonathan A.

Mrs. Chitta is my favorite teacher because she is very lenient with her classes. She is funny and a little sarcastic. She allows you to make up late work and gives a lot of extra work for you to catch up. Shes funny and makes classes interesting. She lets us do fun and interactive things, and in her class she lets us build and be creative.

Taking her class is probably the best decision I have made all year. She not only teaches you about theater and it’s many forms, but she also makes so that you’ll never forget. I feel as though she really got me interested in theater, and she has gone far and beyond what the normal teacher in the way she explains theater. She has done so much for all of her classes, and has directed some great plays this year in Dobie Jr. High. All in all she has made this year one of my all time favorites.