PV: Why I appreciate Mrs. Reed


Haylie Laws, Staff Reporter

The 2017-2018 has honestly been a very stressful school year. This is the final year, before high school; it’s supposed to be enjoyable and fun. This school year has been a really hard one. Whether it was due to grades or typical drama. Sometimes you can feel very suffocated within these walls; I constantly felt like I had no one to reach out to. With certain situations I didn’t feel comfortable talking to my friends, I’ve never been close to any of my teachers. Yet from the very beginning I just knew Mrs. Reed would be very comfortable if I was ever feeling down and wanted to talk.

Mrs. Reed is my 8th grade science teacher. I have her 7th period. I’ve never liked science growing up because all of my teachers made it a snooze fest. When Mrs. Reed starts teaching I am actually interested in what I’m learning. I know some other students would disagree with me but I am so thankful for her.

There have been days when I am simply not myself and Mrs. Reed will pull me aside to make sure I’m okay, even if she is very stressed. Our team is a huge pain in the butt and we know it, so when she takes time out of her day to speak to me it warms my heart.

She always tries her very best to make sure we are paying attention and benefiting from what she is saying to us. There are some teachers who would just you give up and not care if you make an effort or not. There have been times where I’ve been struggling in her class and I had to go to tutoring to make up tests and she was very involved with helping me with any questions and reviews.

When Mrs. Reed is speaking to you she’s very engaged and she cares for how you feel and what is being said. Like I said, our team is a huge pain in the butt and I know we all frustrate her and she’s still so sweet. I am ALWAYS laughing and I do know I get on her nerves but her classroom setting is so great.

So . . . thank you Mrs. Reed for always being the best!