The Friday Night Cougars

Dawnyail Cromartie, Staff reporter

Students love the Dobie football teams, especially the A and B teams, but what about the C team? Not a lot of people come to the C team’s football games to give their support to the fighting cougars.

The C team games will always be on Fridays after school. Michael Martinez, wide receiver and safety for the 8th grade C-team says, “No matter what team I’m on it’s still fun to play.”

As Micheal Martinez said they don’t care if it’s C team, because they get to play for their team and have fun with it even if not a lot of people show up.

The C team has been working hard so far since the beginning of the season and still haven’t lost a game yet.  “To go undefeated in the season,” Martinez said is one of the team’s goals.”

Even the C team has some awesome skills they think strengthens their team and help them on the journey to be undefeated. Martinez said one of the teams strengths is,“Our defense cause we’re locked down.”

What he means is that their defense is strong, and nothing gets in or out on their watch. Together their defense is a unstoppable force that will hold it down.

The C team is always ready for the upcoming game. Martinez explained his excitement for the upcoming game by saying, “Yes, cause I believe we can win at home since we won the last game.”

The Cougars are always ready for a game and hope they can get the support like the A and B team do.