PV: Mr. House, my favorite teacher

Savannah Garcia , Staff Reporter

Mr. House is my favorite teacher because he understands me, helps me out, and we play around a lot. He is my favorite teacher  because I guess I’ve known him for a while.

I first met Mr. House when I attended Harlandale ISD in 6th grade, when I went to alternative and he was a teacher there. After 6th grade year I thought I wasn’t going to see Mr. House again, but I was wrong now he’s a teacher at my school. When I first saw Mr. House I was like, “Oh my God I know him!” Then I went up to Mr. House and said, “Oh my God its been forever!” And that’s why I guess he’s my favorite — because I know him, and he knows me.

Mr. House is very helpful. He could give you the greatest advice. I think if you needed any advice I would say to go to Mr. House. Mr. House is honestly a trusted adult. He really really helps me; I can do my work and ask him questions if i need anything.