PV: My favorite teacher Mrs. Altamirano


Rebekah Lorenzana, Staff Reporter

By: Rebekah Lorenzana

Every year in school everyone normally gets different teachers and sometimes you may or may not like some of them, at least that’s how it’s normally been for me.

This year is my 8th grade year and to tell the truth I’m not exactly happy with some of my teachers, but one teacher that I can say that I’m very thankful for is my science teacher, Mrs. Altamirano. In and out of school I have never liked science, but when it comes to Mrs. Altamirano I couldn’t be happier to have to go to my science class.

She is just one of those teachers that you can tell that she really cares when it comes to your studies and what may be going on in your life. Mrs. Altamirano has always had a safe and fun environment in her classroom. In my opinion I think she’s always been very fair with punishments or just assignment negotiations.

Next year I really hope that some great students get her. She deserves to have great students just as great as she is. All I can say is that they are really going to love Mrs. Altamirano.