PV: Mrs.Hecox is my favorite teacher


Khalil Mayweather, Staff Reporter

This year has been pretty easy. My teachers teach as usual and we get assignments. But Mrs. Hecox teaches class in a manner that is beneficial to anyone that is fortunate enough to have her as a teacher.

First off, if you don’t do your homework in her class, she makes you write an apology letter and you have to call your parents, so I always do algebra work first.

Second, she teaches in a way that will you remember things, like coming up with funny rhymes. She also is very competitive, so she pushes us to be better than the rest of 8th grade. For our EOC, she said that we will have a party for those of us that are commended.

Mrs. Hecox is very dedicated to teaching her students. She has always been willing to do anything for us to see us do well. She has offered to stay after school numerous times.

I like Mrs Hecox because she is very unique. I get to have fun in her class, while learning at the same time, which is something I don’t always get to do which makes being at school more worthwhile. She also gives out pieces of candy for those who come up with an answer that no one else could figure out.