PV: Mrs. Montgomery, the teacher I appreciate the most


Shelby Wilson, Staff reporter

By: Shelby Wilson

Mrs. Montgomery has been my favorite teacher this year because she always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. If I had to give someone a penny every time I said that she was best teacher I’ve had this year I would have no money. She is cool, nice, and always there for her students.

She understands when I don’t get something and helps me understand. Like on any paper I don’t understand she makes it a lot easier and takes time out of her day to help me understand. She is always willing to help with anything you need help with.she is such a caring teacher and believes that every one of her students will do well in her class. It’s nice to have a teacher that understands how you feel.

I have a good time learning in her class because she makes it fun for us while we still get a good amount of work done. I like when she lets us work in or write a paper on a video. She isn’t boring. She changes it up every once in a while. I always look forward to going to her class cause I know it’s going to be different then the last week. 

Mrs. Montgomery has given me advice that no other teacher has given me. She always has a smile in her face and just is a really good teacher and has good, positive attitude. I hope the best for her, I hope she keeps doing what she does and doesn’t let anyone tell her different.