PV: Why Mrs. Higgins is my favorite teacher


Andrew Ortega, Staff Reporter

By: Andrew Ortega

Teachers have an great impact on our lives, they teach us valuable life lessons that will  stay with us for the rest of our lives. Last week was national teacher appreciation week and I appreciate Mrs. Higgins the most out of all for helping me when I  need help the most and not only on school work she helps me and other students on life. Mrs. Higgins is a great person to look up to and to take advice from. Mrs.Higgins is just a good teacher overall.

Mrs. Higgins is a very good teacher because she does not only teach about school work, she helps with problems out of school such as relationship issues and things as simple as how to take the stain out of a shirt. Mrs. Higgins is more than just a teacher. She is more like a big sister you can go to for some help.

Not only is Mrs.Higgins helpful she is also very fun and very relatable. Everyday that Mrs. Higgins is at school she gives us a little red football to play with after the classes end. She just enjoys it when we have fun, and she also lets us play with her personal set of cards after we are done with the work in class. Mrs. Higgins is a very nice lady and is one of the most nicest teachers I have ever had.

Even though I have only been here at Dobie for one year there is no doubt on my mind that Mrs. Higgins is my favorite teacher. She is very nice, she is the most fun teacher I’ve ever had, and she is so helpful when it comes to anything. Mrs. Higgins is the best teacher anyone could ever have.