PV: Ms.Clarkson – My Favorite Teacher


Aidiana Hernandez, Staff Reporter

Ms.Clarkson is a beautiful, strong, smart, empowering, influential and outstanding person that teaches algebra 1, and 8th grade regular math and she teaches it the best in my opinion.

She is someone who will always be there through your toughest times, whether it has to do with family, friends or just completely stressing over math. Oh and one more thing, the teacher I appreciate the most.

Mrs.Clarkson is my 3rd period teacher, and during that class period I have algebra, at the very beginning of the year I very highly disliked algebra and anything that involved math but Ms.Clarkson has a way to get her point across about the lesson and makes it fun with snacks, games, etc. without making you want to fall asleep.

Ms.Clarkson in my opinion deserves a ton of recognition because she pushes you to do your best, whenever you have a missing assignment or you were absent she makes sure the assignment is for sure going to be entered and that you get the assignment done.

She understands that when we go home that we do not just want to stress over pages and pages of homework and that we want to spend time with family and friends, so if she knows that we understand the lesson from that day, she may cut down the homework to instead of all 24 problems, she may only give you 12.

God has blessed me with the most amazing algebra teacher and whenever I may be having a bad day, seeing her face and her beautiful smile makes my day 110% better.