PV: Mrs. Glasz, my favorite teacher


Mona Casas, Staff reporter

Mrs. Glasz is a funny, helpful, and beautiful teacher. Mrs. Glasz teaches 8th grade social studies and teaches it well. Mrs. Glasz not only helps you with social studies but she’ll also let you talk to her about typical middle school drama. She’s relatable and makes it easy to talk to a teacher.

She gets her point across throughout the lesson without boring you, which at times we all know how boring social studies can be. She keeps you interested by giving you hands on activities, so you can engage into lessons.

Mrs. Glasz checks in with you whenever you aren’t doing your best in her class to make sure she’s doing everything she can to help you succeed. She also tries her best to make sure all of the late assignments are turned in.

I used to be really bad at remembering things which is why I  didn’t like social studies. Mrs. Glasz has a lot of methods to remembering dates, amendments, and wars, etc. which is why I now think social studies is one of the most interesting subjects, thanks to Mrs.Glasz of course.