PV: Ms. Williams, my favorite teacher


Journee Green, Staff Reporter

Ms.Williams is my favorite teacher because she is very funny and sweet. She has taught me so many things academic, but also makes the learning very fun. Along with that she has taught me many things that can go with things out side of school. Being in the class gives me a lot of responsibilities because of my strong relationship with the teacher.

There are many things I LOVE about Ms.Williams including:

  1. She is super funny and can relate to the students.
  2. She makes things enjoyable adding things even she would enjoy doing.
  3. Though strict, it is a good strict.
  4. She makes little jokes and laughs with the students.
  5. Gives out understandable work, that goes well with what she taught.
  6. Ms. Williams calls me her student assistant, letting me help her out with a lot of things.

Ms. Williams: I just want to let you know you are a remarkable teacher. You have made my school life so much fun, giving me a reason to love coming to school. Everyday I can’t wait to go to 5th period all thanks to how amazing you are and how much fun I know I will have.