PV: Coach D-My Favorite Teacher


Tianni Carson , PV: Coach D- My Favorite Teacher

By: Tianni Carson

I’ve never been the strongest at science.  I never really like to participate, and I’ve never had teacher like Coach D. At the beginning of the year Coach D passed out these worksheets, mentioning what she should know about us, and what we  liked to do in our free time. And none of the other teachers had done that. I felt like they didn’t care about how to make my year at Dobie comfortable. But Coach Dierschke gave me assurance that I was cared for.

Even though I’m not good a science or participating she still made me feel comfortable. I appreciate how Coach D, understands that we are all human, and we all makes mistakes. She doesn’t put certain students to higher standards. She gives everyone a chance to share their input on things.

Coach D is not only my teacher, but my coach and she expects me to try and work my hardest no matter what. Whether it’s  on a test or in a volleyball game, she assures me that trying is better than giving up.

Coach D, also wants to see us be successful in whatever we do, and that’s something that I also value. Science has been a subject that I’m not very strong at, and Coach D does everything in her power to try to help you understand as much as possible. Although it is your choice if you chose to try to learn it. Coach D gives us pep talks once in a while, and I personally love when she does them, because it gives me the motivation to keep grinding.

Coach D: Thank you for being a such a great teacher!