PV: Mrs Montgomery is the best even when I have a bad grade


Caden Phinney, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Montgomery is my favorite teacher because she is awesome, even if I don’t turn papers in!(AND U STILL GRADED THEM for a late grade.)  Here are some of the reasons why she is my favorite:

  • She is the only teacher I really socialize with. She is easy to talk to.
  • She is funny.  She was a detective and a judge in one day!
  • I may be failing her class (because I forgot to turn in my work) but she helps me figure it out, and I’m not failing as much.
  • She is serious, which is a good thing. Serious teachers and hold classrooms together, and funny can too hold them too, so both works.
  • Science is also my favorite subject, so it makes it easier to do work. Even if I forget to turn my stuff in.
  • She helped me turn my stuff in, which is good. I gave a big load of papers too, and she still graded it. (Even if it was a late grade) I’m thankful to have her as one of my teachers.


Mrs. Montgomery: Don’t show this to the other guys…