PV: Ms. Bennet, My Favorite Substitute


Paris Brooks, Staff Reporter

By: Paris Brooks

We all have our pick on the “best” or the “nicest” teacher. Mine is Ms. Bennet.  Ms. Bennet is the sweetest, most thoughtful substitute I think I have ever had. During this school year, she has made me laugh, smile, and actually enjoy being in the classroom. 

Here are only a few of the many reasons why I love Ms. Bennet:

  1. Ms. Bennet is motivational when students struggle to finish their work
  2. Ms. Bennet gives clear instructions/help when needed
  3. Ms. Bennet is sweet in and out of the classroom
  4. Ms. Bennet is humorous and

These are just three of the pages and pages of reasons why Ms. Bennet is my favorite substitute. Although I have only had Ms. Bennet a couple times throughout the school year, I love her attitude towards her students.


Ms. Bennet, I REALLY enjoy having you as a substitute and I can’t wait to have you again! This year you have really turned my frown upside down in many classes just as being a substitute. Although I won’t be at this school next year, I will continue to remember you and how sweet you are.