PV:Ms. Clarkson, my favorite teacher


Cierrah Utsey, Staff Reporter

By: Cierrah Utsey

School is not a fun place to be, especially when you have a bunch of tests going on but when you have Ms. Clarkson after all those tests you feel at ease. Ms. Clarkson is a sweet and hilarious teacher. She walks into class with a bright smile on her face showing she’s ready to learn!

The reason I love Ms.Clarkson is not only because she keeps positive attitude, but she is very helpful. Whenever you need help, she has your back no matter what. She not only helps and listens to your math issues but your school related issues as well.

I have Ms.Clarkson as my 6th period teacher. At the beginning I disliked math a lot but along the school year I started to get to know Ms.Clarkson; I really enjoyed math. She always helped me school wise or not. She makes math interesting by either having fun activities or making games out the math related subject.

I really do appreciate Ms.Clarkson!  She makes my day a lot better by either helping me out when needed or by having an amazing smile on her face. Without her I really wouldn’t have enjoyed math my 8th grade year!