PV: Mrs Harper is a great art teacher


Camryn Farganus, Staff reporter

Although she is not that tall, Mrs. Harper, a teacher I appreciate, is creative and loves to show her useful techniques in art. The past art teachers I’ve had have never cared as much as she does about art and her students.

She makes really good art and never fails to make the class laugh. Previous art teachers didn’t even attempt to socialize with the class; instead they prefer if students just listen and finish their work. She focuses on art and how to have fun with art. She’s different than other art teachers and I appreciate her.

We learn how to create all types of art. She has shown me how to stitch, draw organic shapes correctly, and all other types of things. Next year I will take Art 2 to continue my interests in art. Although Art 2 might be a bit more difficult than regular art, I will try my hardest to succeed as well as progress in art. I hope my art teacher next year will be equally as great as my current art teacher.


Thank you Mrs. Harper for being my art teacher. 🙂