PV: Why I Love Mrs. Higgins


Hailey Davis , Staff Reporter

Mrs. Higgins is one of my favorite teachers because she gives the class a chance to learn and have fun at the same time

The first reason is that she allows to let her class have fun even if we are working. she allows us to sit where we want and she allows talking when its appropriate. She also has multiple games and extra credit assignments to do if we finish our work early.

The second reason why she is my favorite is because she has fun with the class and doesn’t run it like a boot camp. She is very interactive with the students and treats them like people. For example she wrote a big loser sign when a student lost and was in denial about it.

The third reason why I like her is because she doesn’t ever yell at students or get overly mad but at times she does calmly tell them if their behavior is bad. She also rewards good behavior with a ticket system that is very cool.

The fourth reason is that she is not only a fun teacher but shes a good one too. Her lessons are always short, but we learn a lot from them and they are fun. The assignments are also never boring. They are very interactive and they don’t take a long time to do.

Mrs. Higgins cares about her students and wants them to succeed. She also wants to have fun while learning. I am very glad to be apart of her class this year, and I thank her for teaching me so much.