PV: Mrs. Freres – My favorite teacher


Kenedi Johnson, Staff Reporter

These past two years at Dobie have been pretty hard to be honest. I’ve had Mrs. Freres for both years I’ve been at Dobie. I didn’t expect to have her again my 8th grade year but I was truly blessed to have her again.

Every morning Mrs. Freres stands at her door waiting for her 1st period class to come in. She always greets us in Spanish when we walk through the door. She’ll compliment my outfits and it really makes my day. The fact that I have her first thing in the morning makes my day so much better.

Mrs. Freres has taught me so much these past two years and I’m so thankful that she has, especially because it’s Spanish. She’s such a patient teacher because I’ve asked so many questions in that class and she helps me without getting frustrated with me.

Another thing about Mrs. Freres is that she always listens to my problems. It can literally be about anything and she’ll listen and give me advice. I always know I can talk to her about ANYTHING.