PV: Mrs. Behnsch, My Favorite Teacher


Tianni Carson, Staff reporter

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Behnsch. She is the most kind, caring, and understanding teacher I’ve ever met. When I say understanding I mean it! Last year I went out sick for a few days and didn’t get to turning in a assignment, she was completely understanding and gave me another day.

My older brother who is now in college even had her and loved having her as a teacher. Everytime my brother comes to eat lunch with me, we go in and talk to Mrs. Behnsch and just catch up.

She has really been a big impact in my life by showing me how to respect others and how to lead. I’m so grateful that there are still some kind people in this world like Mrs. Behnsch! Thank you for all the help through my seventh and eighth grade years, and I will come visit you, Mrs. Behnsch.