PV: Mr. Wetz, my favorite teacher


Sarah Jorge, Staff reporter

My favorite teacher is Mr.Wetz. He is such a amazing social studies teacher and I love and appreciation everything he does for me and other students and his classes. Mr.Wetz is constantly trying to help others and the positivity and the help he does for others is amazing.                          

Every time I ask for help explains it so well and even sometimes he teaches me extra. Before 8th grade I used to hate social studies but now I actually love social studies. Social studies is my favorite subject and it’s not just because of Mr.Wetz it’s because the interesting facts.

When Mr.Wetz talks about history and everything that happened in the past it makes me want to learn more. Every morning before school in my head I’m always like, “I can’t wait until 7th period!”

Mr.Wetz is always eager to give my class more information. He always wants to make sure we know what he’s talking about and he always wants to make sure we have it locked down in our heads to get a head start for the next day.