Dobie Orchestra offers unique experience

The instrument cases scattered on the floor, the sound of the bow settling on the violin strings. The faint sound of students quietly tapping their foot on the floor. That is the sound of the orchestra room. Some of the students here at Dobie Jr. High joined the orchestra, directed by Mr. Lovelace. Although there aren’t a lot of students in the Dobie Orchestra, they still produce a large sound.

In the Dobie Orchestra there are four instrument groups: violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Students have different reasons on why they chose their instrument. For example, Fatimah Rasul, 7th grader, plays the viola because she like the sound of it. Others have different reasons. “Violin because it is the smallest instrument and I’m small,” said Amerie Fernandez, 8th grader.

The Dobie Orchestra is having four concerts this school year at Steele High School. Some students are looking forward to the concerts this year Fernandez is one of those students,”It’s nice to prove everything we are capable of,” Fernandez said.

One of the concerts is in the fall, one in the winter, and two in the spring. The first concert is on October 17th. All the concerts will be at Steele High School.  

Most of the students have goals for orchestra this year. Some students want to become a better player and play their instrument,”To get better at playing my viola,” said Fatimah. Other students want to build their skill up to their full potential.

This year Dobie Orchestra will be going to UIL at Steele High School in the spring. They have to perform a selection of music in front of judges, and also have to sight-read a piece that they have never played before. With the help from the director Mr. Lovelace the students in the Dobie Orchestra will have an amazing year practicing and performing at concerts.