PV: The best art teacher, Mrs. Santos


Faith Smith, Staff Reporter

By: Faith Smith

Mrs. Santos is a seventh and eighth grade art teacher. In the beginning of the year I thought art was going to be boring because all of the schools I’ve been to art class was basically a class where you just sit and color pictures but Mrs. Santos has changed that for me.

I appreciate the most is Mrs. Santos because she has helped me express my passion for art. Mrs.Santos has given me the courage to create something that I have never done before. When ever we have art projects she is always there to give a helping hand, like she did on the sewing project we had. I had no clue on what do or how to sew, but Mrs.Santos sat and helped me until I got it right.

-Mrs. Santos never change. Your class is always going to be my favorite. I hope my teachers in high school will be as nice as you. 🙂