PV: Mrs. Gonzales, my favorite teacher


Alyson Rios , Staff reporter

Mrs.Gonzales is an instructional aide at Frank Dobie Junior High and I appreciate her for many reasons since day one Mrs. Gonzales has been coming into my social studies class and has helped me out with the work I struggled to do not only that but during my lunch time as well during the middle of the year.

I started to deal with some heavy things and I stopped turning in my assignments and test grades which caused me to fail mostly everything and on top of that I lost faith in everything especially God. I felt like I had nobody to turn to and I felt like nobody cared but Mrs. Gonzales was there to help me bring up my grades and was also there as a friend and a shoulder to lean on.

Mrs.Gonzales has also given me great advice throughout the year which has helped me tremendously and has also led me closer to God then I was before Mrs. Gonzales is everything every other teacher is not and that’s what makes her special and my favorite teacher above them all. She is like a role model to me and everything I’ve learned from her will be very useful to me in the future.

For example one thing she has taught me that I should stay true to myself, and always make smart decisions like when I was going through a hard time I wanted to do things that were not so healthy and Mrs.Gonzales helped me get past that. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how thankful I am and how much I appreciate her for everything she has done and everything she has taught me this year.