PV: Mrs. Hecox- My favorite Teacher


Tamyra Daniels, Staff Reporter

No cheaters, No repeaters, no dirty dogs! When I was taking the STAAR test and I came across any question I would always have a song or a little jingle to go with everything that Mrs. Hecox taught us. It really helped me!

We all have that one class that you always look forward to and this is one of them. We all want to be able to have our teacher understand us and she that teacher! Mrs. Hecox is an 8th grade and algebra teacher and she is my favorite teacher this year.

She is a mother of two beautiful girls and one just graduated from college with spectacular acknowledgements. Mrs. Hecox is a wonderful teacher that feels like a second mom to most of us and I feel like I could talk to her about anything, so technically she has three daughters!!

Mrs. Hecox is truly special and she gives you hope on anything, even if it’s not math related. When your troubled or confused she puts you first and help you learn it. She also makes those boring lessons super fun.

She is a strong woman who went through so much in her life and still comes to school with a smile no matter what happens to her. She loves her students like family and gives a home type of feeling when you walk in her classroom.

I can be having a horrible day and when I would walk into her classroom she wouldn’t just ignore me, she would pull me aside and ask if everything was okay. I really appreciate Mrs. Hecox and I know I lot of people do.

We love you Mrs. Hecox and don’t forget “Y” over “X”!