Stronger (Fiction)

Emily Maldonado, Staff Reporter

They dug my head in the dirt.

They wanted to hurt me.

However, they had no idea that I was a fighter. That I would come back swinging. The thing is, their hateful words didn’t harm me. Bullying wouldn’t bring me down…

But, how did it start?

The first day of school was supposed to be magical. People would love me, I was sure of it. Although, I was not the prettiest, I felt as though the pretty was deep in my soul. But… it became very clear very soon that nobody was ever going to stick around to see the pretty. They thought I was sick. In a way, they were correct.

I had cancer.

My hair was falling out very slowly, and every minute was filled with a subtle pain, but it was enough to make me feel like dying. When the bullying began, I was confused. How could they not like me? It was so wrong. They should have at least gotten to know me. But the world was moving too fast for people to stop and get to know me. Oh how innocent I was to think the world was a nice place.