PV: Mrs. Harper, My favorite teacher


Trevor Farley, Staff Reporter

School this year (2017-2018) has been crazy. I’ve always felt neutral about school (except for 3rd grade as I hated school in 3rd grade) but this is so far the only school year I’ve enjoyed school. I don’t actually know the reason why I enjoyed this school year but there is probably something about it that makes it fun. One of the those things is Mrs. Harper.

While I do like everyone of my other teachers, Mrs. Harper has always been kind and patient with me (though the others for the most part have been as well). It can get pretty loud and rough in class but I stay quiet and follow directions to show my appreciation and my kindness.

Its been awhile since I’ve taken art class and having Mrs. Harper as my art teacher is amazing. Art is something where I can show my creativity and take a bit of my time to express it. I’ve never had this much fun in a class before and having art is something that is very enjoyable.

Overall I’m glad to have Mrs. Harper as my teacher. She is my favorite teacher for both this year and my favorite teacher of all time. When I start 9th grade, I doubt that any of the teachers at Steele will beat Mrs. Harper for my favorite teacher of all time.