PV: Why I Appreciate Officer Hernandez

Madison Martinez, Staff Reporter

By: Madi Martinez


I appreciate Officer Hernandez. Even though he’s not a teacher he is still always on campus, and he’s also one of the only adults in school that I trust and care about. Here are five reasons I appreciate Officer Hernandez.

first, He cares about me, what I do and the choices I make, all my other teachers and the administration just pretend to care about what I do and the choices I make because that’s their job and they get paid to tell us what we can and can’t do.

Second, He trusts me, and sure it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but it is to me because there isn’t any other adult on campus that trusts me not even my bus driver and I know its my fault so i’m not complaining .

third, he’s super nice and always checks up on me and asks how my day is going. I don’t know any other teacher that does that at least not to me, and he doesn’t have favorites like all of my other teachers do and if he does he hides it pretty good because all my teachers will actually tell us who their favorite is and be nice to them only even when they did something bad.

Fourth,  Officer Hernandez gives good advice and it actually helps. My other teachers just start talking about random stuff that doesn’t even relate to what my problem is, or they just yell at me because i’m in trouble.

Fifth, he doesnt get mad at me or yell, one time he had talked to me about me staying out of trouble and how he was proud of me. Right after lunch ended I went upstairs with my friends and knocked out a whole row of the tiles in the roof and got a week of ISS. he didn’t get mad or yell he did something worse, he said he was disappointed and he told me a story about a boy who wanted to leave home so bad so one day he left and went into the woods, he found a snake who was begging and pleading the boy to carry him to the other side of the forest where his food and habitat was, but the boy said’’ no my parents said snakes are poisonous’’, but the snake kept saying please if you carry me to the other side of the forest I won’t bite you, if you don’t I will die,so the boy picked him up and carried him to the other side of the forest and right before the boy put him down he bit the boy. The boy was shocked and asked why did you bite me I did what you wanted I carried you to the other side. The snake said ‘’well you knew what I was and what could happen, but you picked me up anyways.’’ after that I didn’t get ISS and i’m still trying not to get it.